Kathy Kosins with NEA Jazz Master Sheila Jordan, NYC, January 2014

Kathy Kosins with NEA Jazz Master Sheila Jordan, NYC, January 2014

Kathy with Johnny Mandel after her performance in Los Angeles, Aug 5th, 2012

Kathy with Johnny Mandel after her performance in Los Angeles, Aug 5th, 2012

"Kathy's last two records, "To The Ladies OF Cool" and "The Space Between" rank among the top 10 vocal jazz records of the last 15 years."
- Matthias Kirsch, Head of Music for JazzRadio 106.8 Berlin

"...An in the pocket swinger with a sultry alto and a literate feel for lyrics..."
Paul de Barros – Seattle Times Jazz Critic

"Kosins weaves her magic as a vocal artist and moves straight to the top of the vocal jazz food chain."
Brent Black – Critical Jazz

"...Her words flow as effortlessly as maple syrup over hot pancakes..."
Ralph A. Miriello – Huffington Post

"The sultry Kathy Kosins, a Lady of Cool in her own right, captures the essence of Connor, O'Day, Christy, and London, four pioneering, influential women of West Coast Jazz through the spiritual embodiment that exudes from the sounds of her smooth, warm voice. A toast to you, Kathy, a Lady of Cool."
Larissa Hale

"Kathy Kosins is a joy to hear. Her lyrics on Hershey's Kisses melt in her mouth."
Johnny Mandel

"...she authentically recreates a lost genre of female jazz singing..."
Ralph A. Miriello

Kathy Kosins demonstrates 21st Century state of the art jazz singing.
Will Friedwald

The Chicago Reader would rave about her 'solid intonation, unwavering swing and a voice that can conjure both the girl next door and her older wiser sister.' Harnessing the essence of the song with imaginative interpretations and sassy savoir faire.


Click to read an interview about how Kathy unites canvas and jazz!

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Russia - Israel Tour November 2014

BIG NEWS: In the studio (Mid September) recording my 6th disc! To be released in the late Spring 2015.

Band Personnel:

  • Eric Harland - Drums
  • Kevin Axt - String and Electric Bass
  • Mitch Foreman - Piano and Synth
  • Munyungo - Percussion
  • Greg Moore - (GMOE) Guitar
  • Kemau Kenyatta - Fender Rhodes and Co Arranger

Stay Tuned, samples will be posted sometime around February!

Kathy Kosins Fills the World With Beauty

the SPACE between

the Space Between Interview

the SPACE between
"Kathy Kosins transcends the world of singer to that of vocal artist by not only having a keen ear for giving life to some rarities that may otherwise go unnoticed but her vocals demand your immediate attention. Tone, timing, pitch, phrasing is all there and all spot on."
     Brent Black – Critical Jazz

Notes on Jazz Review by Ralph Miriello
Part 1 | Part 2

Kathy Kosins' " Monks Dream"... acrylic on canvas, is now hanging in the Thelonious Monk Institute, Los Angeles, CA



Art Work

View Kathy's art work here.

Kerrytown Art Review

"Kosins is a very talented and soulful vocalist, it’s only natural that her spirit and soul flows into her provacative and textural paintings." states Nicole Rafaill - Owner of the "State of the Art" Gallery in Ferndale, MI.