For me, art and music are one in the same,
there's no separation and there never has been. - Kathy Kosins

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"Improvisation On Canvas"

Class Description:

Students will participate in an "Improvisation On Canvas" Clinic. This is a painting to Jazz Music via CD's. The focus will be on the freedom of expression in the abstract, using texture and colors to guide them. We will utilize several jazz artists of the Be Bop era... IE, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Dizzy, Miles, etc... Students will paint totally from intuition. Acrylic, Pastel's and Watercolor can be the medium. Oils are OK as well, but the room needs proper ventilation.

Students are given specific guidelines, such as putting to canvas, what they are hearing.. IE.. Visual Interpretations of Audio recordings by the Jazz Greats.

Students are encouraged to "Hear" in color and "Listen" for shape inspiration. Modern Abstractions and also realistic works are both acceptable, however, this is a great learning tool for thinking outside the box and at on the spur of the moment. Students will be asked to have no preconceived ideas before they start applying their medium to canvas.

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Jazz in the Abstract

Can you hear color? Can you see music? For critically and nationally acclaimed jazz vocalist Kathy Kosins, it comes naturally. “I paint the sounds that I hear,” says Kosins.

"Strains from Miles Davis' trumpet, Charlie Parkers' sax and Bud Powells' piano translate into color and texture," explains Kosins, who is also a composer. "For me, painting is simply an extension of the music I love to listen to and perform."

Likewise, Kosins' songs are imbued with the hues she envisions. "When I perform, if I blow a scat solo or improvise on a melody, I 'see' grades of color in those notes, and that informs the texture of my phrasing.

Kosins has been singing and writing for more than 30 years. She has been painting in the abstract since the late 1980s, around the time she began composing what would become her first CD release, "All In a Dream's Work," a tribute to Miles Davis' 1950s and early 1960s productions.

"While listening to Davis or other period bop artists, one can see whatever their imagination will let them. I happen to see their notes as color, form and texture.

"Like jazz giants play their solos, I use as much depth and layering as possible. It's about nuances and dynamics."

Kosins says her painting is total improvisation. "I never have an idea or color scheme in mind when I pick up a brush. I paint strictly from my intuition," she says, adding that the hardest part is acknowledging when a piece is done. "It was no different with the old jazz masters. They could play endless solos all night, using the same form."

Commissioned paintings by Kosins are held in private collections throughout the United States.


Kerrytown Art Review

"Kosins is a very talented and soulful vocalist, it’s only natural that her spirit and soul flows into her provacative and textural paintings." states Nicole Rafaill - Owner of the "State of the Art" Gallery in Ferndale, MI.

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Kathy Kosins Fills the World With Beauty

Kathy Kosins' " Monks Dream"... acrylic on canvas, is now hanging in the Thelonious Monk Institute, Los Angeles, CA